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Where We Came From...

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Keiger Printing Company is a commercial printing company that was founded in 1943. Because of the variety of ancillary services we provide, we adopted the tag line "More Than Just Printing." We began operating a division called Keiger Direct in 2005, which is responsible for developing personalized direct marketing campaigns using a host of sophisticated digital technologies. Keiger Direct continues the tradition of providing more than just printing - much more.


Back In The Day...

An Example of Movable Type
Metal Movable Type
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Johannes Gutenberg is credited with inventing the first mechanical printing press using movable type around 1439. Though a slow and laborious process, it was able to apply words and pictures to paper using a process that was repeatable and much quicker than hand copying. Many improvements have been made and new techniques have been developed over the years to speed up the process and improve reproduction quality. Computers and digital technologies revolutionized printing in the late 80s and 90s. Conventional printing, most often using an offset printing process, was being supplemented by a variety of new processes collectively referred to as digital printing. Today, terms such as data management, digital asset management, server farms, T1 lines, personalized URLs and landing pages are in common use in digital printing operations.

Digital printing from the perspective of Keiger Direct is much more than static printing on a digital press. This is the next step in the evolution of delivering written and graphic communications while incorporating feedback and response from the recipient. It is the delivery of information in graphical format across a variety of media. It is the exchange of data, the tracking of customer interaction and the convenience and immediacy with which it can be accomplished.

Our Product Line


How We Accomplish Such Tasks...

Keiger Direct has brought together a multitude of technologies under the brand name of LYNX to enable the development and execution of cross media marketing campaigns which interact with the target or recipient of the message. These campaigns marry together printing, email, text messaging, web and video. They are driven by data - and not simply what we know from the outset, but what we learn as these campaigns are executed. Newly acquired data is incorporated into the campaign as it plays out and drives the direction of the campaign and the message itself.

The result is to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time - a message that is relevant because we are building it in real time based on the preferences of the recipient. While conventional printing delivers the same message to a group of people and many times that is appropriate, our LYNX programs deliver a message that is personalized to the recipient. This personalization involves not just words but the type, color, art, pictures, pages and layout. It involves the means of delivery; whether print, email, text messaging, web or video. It involves engaging the recipient and letting their responses drive the campaign forward. It involves the timing of the delivery based on triggered events, preferences and response from the recipient.

All of this may sound complicated, and while all the supporting technologies certainly are, the campaigns we build and execute don't have to be. We have the technology to build extremely broad or deep campaigns that are complex and have a flow chart that looks like an LA freeway. But not all campaigns utilize all the technology at our disposal, nor do they need it all. The key is that whatever components of technology are utilized, the message has to be as relevant as possible.

Keiger Direct is redefining the meaning of digital printing.

Key Technology Partners

Manufacturing Partners

Xerox manufactures our digital printing equipment and some of our software workflow components. Keiger is proud to have been the first North American installation of Xerox's flagship color production printing press, the iGen4. This press allows us to run the largest cut sheet size of any digital press as well as the greatest range of papers and synthetic substrates. And at a print speed of 110 full color, fully variable pages per minute, it is very fast. Our workflow feeding the iGen4 is by Creo. With dual processors and dual parallel rips, this server can rip pages for printing faster than they can be printed. And using VPS (variable print specification) protocol, images that are used repeatedly are cached and only ripped once, regardless of how many times they are printed, making the management of variable print jobs efficient.

Xerox iGen4 Digital Press
Xerox iGen4 Digital Press

Software Partners

Three software partners provide key elements. XMPie® provides the engine used for variable printing. XMPie and MindFireInc® provide the engines used to drive personalized URLs, as well as the tracking and reporting. PageFlex® provides the engine for web ordering and delivery of finished product.

The Keiger Direct staff writes additional custom applications that extend and enhance capabilities, designs the architecture of campaigns, and performs coding and programming of applications to all function together as a cohesive unit.


The Bottom Line.

It isn't enough to have the technology. You must understand how to apply it to solving problems. Keiger Direct was born with 10 years of experience. We study the needs of the markets we serve in order to build appropriate and effective solutions.

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