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Our Mission Statement

Keiger Direct specializes in the creation and implementation of integrated business development campaigns, using 1-to-1 cross-media communications for our North American based customers.

  1. Keiger Direct views itself as a dynamic fleet of foot marketing pioneer.
  2. We consider the relationships with our customers to be elevated to the status of clients and partners. We consider ourselves as having an elevated role in the well-being and success of these partners.
  3. Partners deserve our highest ethical practices and honesty. We strive to present ourselves in such a way as to build lasting relationships through trust and mutual respect.
  4. We define ourselves in terms of our partners. We must fully understand their business needs as well as the sales and marketing objectives.
  5. Because of the sensitive nature of data collection and its role in our products, we will always conduct ourselves in the most ethical manner.
  6. We will take precautions to safeguard personalized data and advise our partners on improvements in methodology as appropriate.
  7. We are committed to establishing and cultivating special relationships with selected partners. Because these relationships are often exclusive, we will limit ourselves to the number of partners we will maintain at one time.
  8. Our products and services and bundling of products and services will be tailored to the needs of each individual partner. We will customize our operations to meet their needs to the extent customization is economically viable.
  9. Our success will be dependent upon our partners' success.
  10. Everyone at Keiger Direct is on the selling team. Everyone is in a direct position to win or lose accounts.
  11. Rather than strive to provide all things to all people, we aspire to provide unique marketing solutions to selected partners.
  12. Our primary responsibility to our partners is to help them achieve their respective objectives.
  13. We expect to become increasingly challenged and to engage in unusual and perhaps difficult projects that we’ve never done before.
  14. Our idea of "quality" no longer counts. Our customers define "quality," and we need to make every effort to establish, understand and meet our customers’ expectations.
  15. Change at Keiger Direct will be the rule rather than the exception. The business world is dynamic, and we must respond to changes in our partners' needs, challenges and objectives.
  16. Our successful execution of our mission will assure the ongoing success of our company and provide growth opportunities for all of us.
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