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Keiger Direct Announces Keiger Direct Connection™

February 9, 2010

Keiger Direct of Winston-Salem, NC announces the publication of the Keiger Direct Connection™ newsletter.

There is perhaps no more exciting technology in the world of marketing today than 1:1 personalization. The ability to bring 1:1 communications to the world of print - called Variable Data Printing (VDP) - opens unlimited possibilities for communicating with customers. While most marketers think of VDP in terms of increased response rates, this is just the beginning. It is also a powerful tool for getting to know your customer, increasing customer loyalty, improving the quality of your prospect lists, boosting the value of your sales, and much more.

In the premier issue of Keiger Direct Connection, we look at the type of output technologies available, how sophisticated a database must be in order to be effective, and why response rates are not the only way to evaluate the success of a VDP campaign. In future issues, we will continue to explore the issues that directly affect you, the marketer, as VDP continues to have an explosive impact on the world of marketing and customer communications.

Keiger Direct Connection is a monthly publication and is one component of a complete marketing campaign that will illustrate the full power and potential of 1:1 personalization. You can receive a subscription to the newsletter by visiting our website or contacting one of our representatives.

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Valarie Floyd
Director, Keiger Direct
(336) 760-0099
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