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Call Center Overview

Assistance is just a call away...

People like options. Consider adding a specific, trackable 1-800 number to your direct mail (LYNX•Print), emails (LYNX•Blast) or personalized URL (LYNX•Web) campaigns. Don't have enough staff or time to handle these calls? No problem - we do! All of our call centers are located locally within the United States and are available 24/7. Bilingual agents are available upon request.

Call centers can be used for:

  • inbound calls generated from targeted marketing collateral
  • outbound calls to assist with LYNX•Unlimited campaigns (follow-up to surveys, non-responders, etc.)
  • freeing up your sales team's valuable time
Call Center

Data Center Overview

Dirty Data? Clean it up!

Our team of talented data analysts will examine, dissect and clean your database. We have data entry specialists on staff who can specifcally help grow your LYNX•Unlimited marketing campaign database.

With previous customers, we've used highly specialized coupons to track purchasing habits and redeemability rates, allowing for personalized follow-up contact and ultimately a higher re-purchase rate.

In special instances, we can create a customized dashboard, allowing you instant hands-on access to your data.


Call & Data Center...

  • offers professional agents to handle inbound and outbound calls 24/7
  • provides bilingual agents upon request
  • provides data cleaning and entry services
  • offers tracking through 1-800 number, as well as coupons
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