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First Impression


A picture is worth a thousand words…

Reach out and grab your audience with photorealistic personalized images! With First Impression, Keiger Direct's image personalization program, you can customize any image in many formats - from postcards to posters and beyond - for a lasting impact. We can help develop your themes or use your existing themes, giving you a unique 1-to-1 marketing communication tool.

You never have a second chance to make a First Impression, but now you won't need one! Our powerful service gives you the opportunity to immediately impress your clientele, maintain their loyalty and deepen your business relationships. Use First Impression in conjunction with our LYNX•Print and/or LYNX•Web services and make not only a First Impression but a lasting one.


First Impression...

  • immediately grabs your audience's attention - make 'em look!
  • is a unique 1-to-1 marketing communication tool
  • makes a lasting impact
  • can increase your ROI

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