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Reach a large audience quickly with your message.

LYNX•Blast gives you the capability to send two types of automatic and personalized emails. Stand-alone email does not rely on LYNX•Web. This type of email simply blasts the email out to your databases and is most commonly used in sending newsletters. Response email is sent by the LYNX•Web system. An email can be sent inviting them to visit their personalized URL and, depending on the information received from the URL, emails can be sent to your sales staff calling them to action, and emails can be sent back to the visitor as well, thanking them for their participation.



  • gives you the ability to reach a large audience quickly with minimal cost and effort
  • allows you to send out another touch to your database (typically non-response emails are sent out after the invite mail piece)
  • allows all links in your emails to be tracked, and all read receipts to be viewed and downloaded to your computer
  • informs you which emails could not be delivered
  • allows formatting as text, HTML or both

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