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Combine programs to fit your business needs.

LYNX•Print alone is a great way to get your message out to a specific, targeted audience. However, add the strength of LYNX•Web or LYNX•Blast to it, and you will have a much more powerful LYNX•Unlimited cross-media campaign.

Each print piece or email can direct the recipient to a personalized URL (all graphically tied together), which delivers your particular message while serving to capture data. The information you gather for the personalized URL can direct future contact with your audience because you will have their responses, needs, problems, and interests included in your database. All of these responses are trackable through your personal Dashboard and can be viewed, graphed and downloaded 24/7. Your campaign will maintain contact with your audience by automatically sending out new messages. If they have not responded, they get a second contact, and if they have, a thank-you card or email is sent. A positive reaction to your sales call is then more likely. The better you know your audience, the better you can address their needs and be helpful to them.

LYNX•Unlimited can also include the capabilities of our Call and Data Center and eVideo Marketing to further increase the power and success of your marketing efforts.

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